Skitch 1.0

After splitting from Plasq (makers of Comic Life & winners of multiple Apple Design Awards) the owners of the newly formed Skitch invited me to join as a Mac engineer.  I inherited Skitch in early beta and worked on it through the beta phase and into its original release and Mac App Store release.

Skitch is an incredibly popular OS X application and had amassed millions of users before the Evernote acquisition in 2011.

Skitch has been featured on the Mac App Store many many times including:

  • Best of Mac App Store 2011
  • Editors Choice
  • 30 Years of Mac
  • Multiple Staff Favorites
  • Top Banner Promotion
  • Apps Starter Kit
  • Great Free Apps

I was the principal Mac engineer for most of the Skitch beta and early releases where I added features, removed features, fixed bugs and re-factored the Skitch code base.  I continued as the sole Mac engineer until Skitch was acquired by Evernote in August 2011.